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For a copy of the KOSRAE CONSTITUTION please see the RESOURCES page.

Kosrae State Legislature consists of 14 Senators from 4 Municipalities.The Legislative power of the State is vested in the Legislature and extends to all rightful subjects of legislation not inconsistent with the Constitution.

Recent bills and resolutions introduced include:

i) Revenue Administration Act and the Uniform Revenue Authority Act;
ii) Domestic Violence Bill;
iii) Re-introduction of representation funds for Senators;


*           Judiciary and Government Operations;

*           Ways and Means;

*           Resources and Development;

*           Education and Cultural Affairs;

*           Health and Social Affairs;

*           Transportation, Communication and Infrastructure;

Committee reports and Bills and Resolutions are available from the Legislature. Please contact the Legislative Counsel or Administrative Officer if you have any further queries.


Speaker - Vacant.

Vice Chairman Tulensa Palik              Lelu Delegation, Vice Chairman R&D Committee; 

Senator Bob Skilling                               Lelu Delegation, Chairman W&M Committee, Vice Chairman H&SA Committee;

Senator Gibson Siba                              Lelu Delegation, Chairman TC&I Committee;

Senator Chang B William                        Lelu Delegation, Chairman J&GO Committee; 

Senator Maker Palsis                             Tafunsak Delegation, Vice Chairman J&GO Committee;

Senator Alokoa Sigrah                            Tafunsak Delegation, Chairman E&CA Committee;

Senator Robert Taulung                          Tafunsak delegation, Floor leader;

Senator Espil Tulensru                           Tafunsak delegation, Vice Chairman W&M Committee;

Senator Jarinson Charley                        Malem Delegation, Chairman H&S Committee;

Senator Jefferson Timothy                       Malem Delegation, Member;

Senator Josiah Waguk                           Utwe delegation, Chairman R&D Committee;

Senator Rinson Edmond                         Utwe Delegation, Vice Chairman, E&CA Committee;

A map of Kosrae is provided showing members municipalities.

Vice Speaker Palikun Shrew.

Vice Speaker Shrew has a long history of involvement with the Legislature having served in the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Legislatures. During his terms he has been the Chairman of several committees including Education, and Resources and Development.

Senator Rinson Edmond.

Senator Edmond is passionate about the economic development of the island and is particularly interested in encouraging creativity and innovation in the context of economic growth and Kosraen culture. Rinson hopes to eventually empower the people at all levels to participate in the development of policies and decision making.

Rinson is from Utwe Municipality and is also the Vice-Chairman of the E&CA Committee.

Rinsons motto is "Good development starts at the bottom- bringing people from the community to participate, discuss, and reach consensus on development issues".

Senator Gibson Siba.

Prior to entering the Legislature was Chairman of the Lelu town council and also serves as the Vice Chairman of VITAL (FSM Petroleum Corporation).

Gibsons believes in serving the community and working for their best interests.

His motto is "if you don't know where you're going any road will take you there". He believes in firm leadership and having a strategic direction for the future of Kosrae.

He is married with 5 children and his hobbies include restoring old furniture and motor vehicles, and  helping out in the community where possible.
Senator Jefferson Timothy.

Senator Timothy served for over 23 years in the US NAVY and retired at the rank of Chief Petty Officer, serving in personnel and administration. Jefferson served at Fighter Squadren 121 and Naval Station Phillipines, and the Scotiea New York Nuclear Power Training Facility.

His hobbies include football, geography and visiting his 7 grandchildren.

His personal quote is "I've been there done that!"
Senator Espil Tulensru

Espil worked at Finance for 31 years before being the Administrator for the Division of Personnel before joining the Legislature.

His hobbies include checkers and tennis.

Espil says "My main call as a Senator is to help balance out the shortfall that we have at this time and to create more revenues."

His motto is "It is our responsibility ultimately to balance the budget and to address the economic issues facing Kosrae."

Senator Alukoa Sigrah

Senator Sigrah is from Tafunsak Municipality and is also Chairman of the E&CA Committee, and a member of the R&D, and H&SA Committees.

Prior to joining the Legislature, Senator Sigrah was the Scholarship Administrator for the State Dept of Education. He was Chairman of the Tafunsak Municipal Council.

He is passionate about serving the people and finding financial resources to help the community. His hobbies are fishing and sports.

His favorite quote is "A healthy democracy requires a decent society, it requires that we are honorable, generous, tolerant and respectful" .

He is married and a member of Tafunsak Church.

Senator Tulensa Palik.

Senator Palik served in the US Army for 4 years as a Combat Engineer in Germany and California and is a veteran of Desert Storm.

He was the chairman of the Lelu town council for 3 consecutive terms and also served as a police officer for 17 years before joining the Legislature.

He feels that a lot of people are being left out and that the benefits of government services are not being distributed equally. He introduced the domestic violence bill to ensure equal protection for all. His favorite phrase is "Equality is not a concept. It's a necessity."

Senator Palik is a certified mediator and trial Counselor, but devotes his time to the Legislature. He has conducted some mediations.

Senator Palik is married with 2 children and 3 grandchildren. His hobbies includes fishing and farming.

Senator Bob Skilling.

Senator Skilling is from  Lelu Municipality and serves as the Chairman of the Ways & Means Committee.

His hobbies include fishing and reading.

"Peoples values are my priorities" Senator Skilling says. "Under that God, Family, Work in that order."

He is married with several children.

Senator Maker Palsis.

Senator Palsis is from Tafunsak Municipality. Prior to joining the Legislature Maker worked as a sports administrator in Kosrae and also worked as a Liaison Officer for Kosrae State in Pohnpei. 

Makers hobbies are fishing and farming.

Makers believes the legislature has a crucial role to maintain compliance with the law when reviewing proposed bills and to uphold the rule of law.

His favorite quote is "Opportunity happens once in a lifetime- this is my time to do something for Kosrae"

Senator Chang B William.

Senator Chang was a classroom teacher before joining the Legislature. He then became a legal aide for the Legislature, and then a Senator. Chang was a Land Court Justice pro-tem.

Chang is a practicing trial Counselor and has represented clients at the Kosrae State Court in civil and criminal matters. 

Chang's interests include farming and tennis.

His favorite motto is "Action speaks louder than words".

He is married with 1 daughter and 4 sons and 1 grand-daughter.  
Senator Josiah Waguk

Josiah is from Utwe Municipality and is famous for his public speaking-often quick to take the lead when Consultants are giving presentations.

"I've always enthusiastically represented the less privileged people on Kosrae"  Josiah says. "I believe the reason there is government is because of the people. The government is there to serve the people, that's what I believe."

His hobbies include fishing and farming. He is married with 5 children.
Senator Robert Taulung

Floor leader.

Prior to joining the Legislature Robert was the Administrator of the Division of Fisheries and Tourist Development. Prior to that he was the science specialist for the Dept of Education and a teacher at Kosrae High School.

His hobbies include farming, fishing and reading.

Senator Jarinson Charley.

Senator Charley is from Malem Municipality and is the Chairman of the Health Committee.

His hobbies include farming and meeting people.

Prior to entering the Legislature he was the Vice-Principle of Kosrae High School.

He believes in honesty and majority rule. His favorite quote is "Be yourself. Everybody else is taken."

Senator Charley is married with 2 children.
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