About the Legislature and Contact Details

 There are five Senators representing Lelu Municipality; four from Tafunsak; three from Malem; and two from Utwe.


The Legislature meets in two regular sessions each year commencing on the second Monday in February and the second Monday in August. Each session is no more than 30 days in length.


In addition to the regular sessions, there may also be special sessions called by the Governor or the Speaker to address specific or important issues.

All sessions of the Legislature are open to the public and will usually be broadcast on Kosrae V6AJ Radio.

Where we are!

The Kosrae State Legislature

P.O. Box 187

Tofol, Kosrae State

Federated States of Micronesia 96944

Telephone: (691) 370-3019/3177 

Fax: (691) 370-2177

Speakers secretary: Kenye Kenneth.Email: 


Legislative Counsel: This position is currently vacant. Please send all queries to the AO, Mr Alik Isaac.

Administrative Officer: Alik Isaac. Email: alikisaac@mail.fm

If the matter is urgent we cannot guarantee that all staff will check their emails and request that you contact the Speakers Secretary(by phone), or (via email) the Legislative Counsel and/or the Administrative Officer in the first instance.

Members also have email addresses. Please contact the Legislature for these details.

Alik Isaac, Administrative Officer. Email:alikisaac@mail.fm

Tosie E. Kelly, Chief Clerk. Email:  TelleyCCKSL@mail.fm

Anne Noda, Legislative Aide. Email: annoda@hotmail.com

Esau Esau, Assistant Fiscal Officer. Email: efatat@kosraelegislature.org

Kenye Kenneth, Speakers Secretary. Email: kenkenzmike@kosraelegislature.org

Martha Talley, Legislative Aide, martha.talley@kosraelegislature.org


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